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Before you reach for that can of air freshener, consider this.

Most products that contain “fragrance” (i.e., not specified from a natural source) contain phthalates, which have been linked to developmental and reproductive disorders. Synthetic fragrances also contain compounds that can aggravate asthma or trigger attacks.

Plug-in air fresheners, most of which contain phthalates, also emit formaldehyde a known carcinogen.

And in addition to containing flammable and nerve-damaging ingredients, most aerosol air fresheners contain tiny particles that can lodge in your lungs or bind with ozone particles that become carcinogenic.

When you consider most of us spend 65 percent of our lives in our homes and another 25 percent in some other indoor environment, protecting the quality of our indoor air is critical to our health.

If your home or perhaps a particular room needs freshening, consider opening the windows for a few hours, particularly just after it’s rained.

If you need a more immediate solution, consider making your own air freshener. It’s simple and very effective. I make one using distilled water, vodka and a blend of essential oils. It instantly eliminates any bad odor and smells great, too.  Just blend 2 oz each of distilled water and vodka. Add 25-30 drops of essential oil. (I use peppermint, tea tree and bergamot or lavender.) Put it into a spray bottle and shake before using.

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