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These four products top the list of my current favorites. Having just returned from the freezing cold of Park City, Utah, where I watched the premiere of the amazing and at times gut-wrenching film, Racing Extinction, I was glad to have these products with me. They protected me against the cold air outside, the sun–made stronger at 8,000+ feet elevation, and the dry indoor heat in which we spent most of our time.

I also love that all five of these products carry reasonable prices… I truly dislike reading magazine or website articles that rave about a product that costs one-hundred or more dollars. I don’t feel anyone should have to pay that much for a quality product. And quantity doesn’t necessarily matter, because products made with completely natural, plant-based ingredients can’t stay active for more than six or so months any way.

Favorite #1: Although it carries the name Stem Cellular CC Cream, my new favorite “BB” cream by Juice Beauty tops my list. It’s just $39, comes in five shades, and provides a wonderful, sheer coverage along with broad-spectrum, mineral-based, non-nano SPF 30. It claims to also increase cellular turnover, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while evening out skin tone. I don’t see the point in me trying to quantify what this product does, all I can say is my skin loves it!

Favorite #2: If you suffer from dry lips during the winter months like me, you will love the Waxelene Lip Tube, $3.99. It cures the driest lips quickly and when used daily, like I do, you won’t experience any drying or peeling. It’s marketed as “petroleum jelly alternative,” because like all the products I recommend, it is all natural and cruelty-free.

Favorite #3: While I still get oily around my T-zone (even at my age!!), my cheeks remain drier, and everything feels drier during the winter months. MyChelle’s Supreme Polypeptide Cream banishes dry skin and purportedly improves elasticity, reduces wrinkle depth and increases overall firmness. I use the unscented option, and love how my skin looks and feels after applying this rich–yet also light, cream.

Favorite #4: Last but not least is my new favorite deodorant, which I’ve been meaning to blog about for the past year. A friend recommended it, and knowing that it contains just two ingredients–both completely natural and without any toxicity risk, I immediately ordered it. Yes, the only downside is that you have to order it online, but it ships quickly, and it’s by far the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used. OK, the manufacturer might want to consider changing the name, but DeodoMom, $12.00,¬†works great, and I love that it contains just two ingredients–water and Magnesium Hydroxide, a mineral safe enough to eat given a zero risk rating by the Environmental Working Group. To be clear, I wouldn’t apply this, go for a 6-mile run and then attend the most important meeting of my year without showering and reapplying after the run. But I can apply it and go through an entire workday and evening without the slightest hint of “smell.” Even my husband uses it, although he would like a more unisex name.



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